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Letter sent on Nov 23, 2016

New blogs from British Heart Foundation

Hi followers,

We wanted to let you know about some of the blogs we’ve recently published on our British Heart Foundation publication.

Medical research post-Brexit

Following the recent announcement by the UK government that £200 billion pounds will be invested in research and technology post-Brexit, our Chief Executive Simon Gillespie looks at our priorities post withdrawal from the EU.

From funded to funder

Our new Associate Medical Director, Professor Metin Avkiran shares insights from his career and going from being a BHF-funded researcher to one of the people who awards our research grants.

Building blood vessels

And Neil Dufton, a researcher at Imperial College, London, talks about his work re-building blood vessels brick by brick to see if he can improve the way they work.

We hope you’ve been enjoying our blog. Come back soon for more interesting perspectives on the life saving research we fund.


The BHF research comms team

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